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Help & Feedback

For major pipe bursts and water interruptions, call us immediately at 1800-CALL PUB (1800 2255 782).

For other enquiries such as filming and photography at PUB premises, please send us your applications through the online form under "Others".

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The whole process will take about 10 minutes to complete. You will receive a case number via your e-mail or mobile once you submit your feedback or view successfully.

Water Leaks


Water Bills

PUB has engaged SP Services to provide metering and billing services to all households and businesses in Singapore.

Customers now enjoy one-stop account services for their utilities, including water (from PUB), electricity (from SP Services Ltd) and gas (from City Gas Pte Ltd).

For enquiries on water billing or meter reading, please contact SP Services at 1800-2222-333, email, or visit the website link below:

Note: You will be redirected to an external website.

Tap Water

No Water

If you experience unscheduled water interruption, please contact us for help.

Verify First

Do check if there is any prior notification from PUB on this water interruption either via letter or SMS.

If you are a new homeowner, water supply will only be turned on after you have opened an utilities account with SP Group (Visit to open utilities account).

Low Water Pressure

You may be experiencing low water pressure if you face the following situations.

  • Water flows at a much slower rate from your tap.
  • Only drips of water flow from your tap even when it is fully turned on.

In some instances, pump failure or leaks on the water main in your water system may cause low water pressure.

For help, please report the incident to us immediately.

Water Quality

Singapore's tap water is well within the World Health Organization drinking water guidelines and US Environmental Public Health (Quality of Piped Drinking Water) Regulations 2008. It is suitable for drinking directly from the tap without any further filtration.

Do contact us immediately for enquiries on the tap water's smell, taste or appearance. A water quality check may be carried out, thereafter.

Drains and Canals

Drainage Cleanliness

Since 2012, the Department of Public Cleanliness under National Environment Agency (NEA) has taken over the duty to ensure the cleanliness of drains and waterways as well as other public areas. The collaboration between PUB and NEA have helped to ensure an integrated approach in addressing public's feedback on public cleanliness.

You may submit your feedback via NEA's online feedback form (Cleanliness > Littered drain).

For more information, visit NEA

Note: You will be redirected to an external website.

Damaged Drains

Damaged drains may pose a danger to pedestrians or have an obstructed flow of water. Do alert us if you see any damaged drains or drain covers/ gratings.

Sewer Chokes

Sewer Chokes

Smelly sewers and sanitation issues may be caused by chokes.

How to Identify

The following situations are signs of blockage in the system:

  • Used water overflowing from the sewer or inspection chamber.
  • Used water overflowing from sinks, toilets and floor traps.

For help, please report the incident to us immediately.


Feedback & Enquiries
Submit all other feedback and enquiries here, including any report on scams.
Please prepare at least one close-up photo of the issue and a location photo for our assessment, where relevant.

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